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About us

Institution for artificial intelligence (IAI) at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) is a center to boost education, creativity, and entrepreneurship in different areas of artificial intelligence. IAI hugs talented students and opens the university gates for a tight relationship with industry. IAI has been established under the supervision of Dr. M. H. Manshaei, the director of software and information technology in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) department in IUT. In IAI, a team of enthusiastic post-doctoral fellows, masters, and bachelor students is working in different working groups.

AI will rule the world! 



As an institute at the heart of the IUT we need to hold cources, workshops, etc to

  • Promote the concepts of AI
  • Train experts to utilize different industries
  • Find enthusiastic students
  • Interact with enterprenuerships


We work on AI technologies in order to

  • Help different industries to facilitate their processes
  • Be at the edge of current AI technologies
  • Research on hot topics


Our reputation makes us a promising choice of consultant for

  • Industries on how to become intelligent
  • Startups on how ro foster AI innovations


IAI's First Strategic Agreement

On April 10th, 2018, Mr. Farhad Rahnama, the CEO of Polar and Iran-Gate companies, and Dr. Seyed Mahmood Modarres Hashemi, the president of Isfahan University of Technology, signed an agreement to support IAI for at least 2 years.

IAI Workshop in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce

On April 25th, IAI holds its first workshop for all industrial members of the Isfahan Chamber of Commerece.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Isfahan University of Technology

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