Mehdi Saman Booy

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Mehdi Saman Booy received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the Isfahan University of Technology in Information Technology (2014) and Artificial Intelligence (2017), respectively. Although his master thesis was about a new network architecture (ICN), his passion in AI led him to have a part-time participation in a startup, City+, in Vancouver, Canada where they offer intelligent location-based services on their chatbots. It is worth mentioning that he has a strong interest in deep neural networks due to their breakthroughs in interdisciplinary applications, in addition to their research opportunities. In brief, his research interest includes machine learning, machine cognition, data mining, game theory, multi-agent systems, and bioinformatics.

Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Isfahan University of Technology

  301, Innovation Center, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran

  +98 313 3911964


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